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Thats all folks.

2017-04-22 05:32:26 by johnathan-wrathborne

EDIT: I had to re-submit the toon, when I updated the submission with the higher res version some corruption of the file was present...and I had to export it all over again. Enjoy!



The toon is done. I'll re-upload a higher res version as I'm on my slow back up laptop and it takes forever to get rendering done. Well, its taken too long to finish this beast but now its done and so am I, least on newgrounds anyways. You all be good and take care of this place, it needs young blood and not guys pushing 40 like me.

Happy Pico day everyone.

Funny how being sick with an ear infection/ear inflammation can ruin your schedule...9 days of this shit going back and forth can cost you a lot of production time. I'm so far behind now it aint even funny -_-

So I'm pushing for 4/10/17 now before I move on. Cant say I reccomend an ear infection/ear inflammation, it'll fuck you up harder than you think -_-


April 1st is it. Last day here.

2017-03-01 20:49:42 by johnathan-wrathborne

Hard to believe its been 9 months since I said I was closing up shop here and shop hasnt closed down yet. Been a rough year, about 3 months after I announced I was leaving that my grandmothers health started on the decline and I had to put 2XXX on hold at 3:10 which is about 60 seconds from completion, and I had to put it on hold and help take care of her.

As time went on and her health worsened I started to lose hope she would get better. In her last year of life she lost 1 kidney to cancer, had several cancerous polyps in her bladder removed, and then a 2 tumors were found on her lower spine and it spread to her liver. She succumbed to cancer on January 10th of this year, 11 months after losing her kidney the previous year. I ended up spending a large chunk of the last 6 months doing caretaking for her and my grandfather and most of my projects progress had been put on hold in order to make dinners, do grocery shopping, cleaning, basically taking care of her as best I could(easier when yer unemployed).

So sadly 2XXX STILL isnt finished. I got 39 seconds of animation left, and then some clean up and editing left but its almost there. So on Saturday, April 1st (April fools day), 2017 this toon is gonna be finished and uploaded on newgrounds finally. After April first I'll be leaving newgrounds(Finally. I know you all tired of hearing me say that) and focusing on my website.

Its kind of fitting to have my final toon here be a Pico day toon when my first toon here was.  This will be my last news post here. Hope you all enjoy the toon when its finally finished. I'm also scumbagging on Patreon these days, I think I'm the cheapest guy on it to support too.


Change in plans, will be closing up shop here soonish

2016-06-03 03:04:56 by johnathan-wrathborne

I've given a lot of thought recently about my future here on newgrounds, where I've been making my silly shit for so long. Its been a comfortable home for my ideas for so long and I had hoped it would be home to all my ideas. But witnessing some questionable shit happen in the chat room recently and after discussing things with several other members since this happened, I've realized how much newgrounds has changed exactly and I've also realized that I no longer have a place in it.

My work is niche and it always will be. Whether its about a guy who meets Death, a woman wandering the desert of a post apocalyptic world on a quest for revenge, or an angry little girl growing up in a world her own way at the very least I've had a few fun ideas that people have enjoyed and I've enjoyed making them for everyone on this site and on the internet in general.

I lost that feeling today. I know the folks who work and moderate here have a lot to deal with and a lot of shit, I respect that. But I'm from the "everyone has to follow the rules" crowd, that even means friends of the people who enforce the rules. When that isnt done, I get very upset and feel even more upset when I know some of the people who were banned and have since left the site had been supporters as well I feel sick.

Thats when I realized that this isnt the place for me or my work anymore. I had considered making a statement with several other people who see what happened as wrong but the more I think about it the more I realize that no matter who I am or what I do, my voice doesn't travel very far and I'm too old to let my ego think it does.

The last thing I post here will be the finished 2XXX toon. When that day comes, thats as far as I go and thats my final gift to newgrounds. Dont know where I'll be posting my stuff from now on, but I"m sure you'll all be able to find it when its there.

Newgrounds was around long before I starte dmaking content and I'm sure it will be around long after I stop making content for it, whatever newgrounds turns into after I leave is up to you guys the audience, the artists, the musicians, and the animators.


Ok well, pushing this little collab out there, if you're interested. Still looking to get at least another 2 animators on board with this project.

Happy Pico day, 2XXX's trailer is up!

2016-05-07 04:27:26 by johnathan-wrathborne

Well, I'm still at about 75-77 seconds of animation left to complete, as well as some clean up and extra effects to add but as I wanted to have something up for people to enjoy on Picoday 2016, so here is part of the toon I haven't been able to finish on time. Been working on this for 8 months or so and it'll take a little longer to finish this beast up.

Hope you enjoy what little I have to share, thats what its made for. 

Also, I know a post-Tankmen world is probably not an interesting idea for a lot of people, but bear with me, I got a lot of shit planned that will work out. S'why part of why I went back to school to improve my storytelling skills.

Happy Pico day peeps.

I'll have the first 76 seconds posted and a little extra. I've got 83 seconds left to animate so it will still be some time before the whole thing is up and ready. I am still sad that I wont have this completed on time, but it just wasn't in the cards. Either way the first minute and sixteen seconds will have to do. The composer of the music is happy with what I got which is always nice. So next saturday you can see what I've spent the last 6 months working on.



I'll give you the first minute or so of 2XXX a.a for Pico day(1/4th of the toon) on May 7th. I wont have this beast finished until about the end of the month, but I want something to share on Pico day, so I'll give you the first bit and in return I just ask that you enjoy what I have. 


Still pretty sure I won'y make it for Pico day, might make it for the following week but I dont know. At the beginning of the second to last bit of the big action sequence right now O.o


Heres 11 more seconds to show off what I'm up to and provide some insight as to why its taking as long as it is. This toon will be out next month though, thats for sure.

Might not make it to Pico day on time...

2016-03-21 02:44:23 by johnathan-wrathborne

Well, things on 2XXX A.A arent progressing that well at the moment.

I'm at 2:03  currently(I should be at about 2:20 by now honestly) but real life, artist block and other shit are hitting me and draining my focus and energy. I'm not sure this will be ready for Pico day 2016, something I desperatley want to make happen.

But I've got about...2 minutes and 6 seconds left to animate in just 48 days. Thats cutting it pretty fucking close to be honest and I have no idea how fast I can get shit done between now and then. I'm at a bit of a turning point now yes, but I'm not certain things will happen on schedule.

Its driving me insane due to the amount of work I've put into this beast but I'm giving a heads up that it might not come out until the end of May as opposse dto the beginning of it.

I'm moderatley confident that this is a type of toon that you dont normally see on newgrounds, partially due to how fucking much work it is to get this going as well as my current schedule so I dont know.

Basically if before the months end I can get to about 2:25 or so, then I think I might be able to make it to Pico day.

Who would think animating something like this would be a bitch and a half? I included the original design that I was using in 2013 when I undertook this project initially in contrast to what it looks like now in the 2016 version.


I still kept the semi minotaurish look I was going for and gave it a less Roman look and went for something more morbid(skull face plate is easier to animate too).

Heres hoping I can get 22 seconds finished in 10 days and that I can work my magic. @_@