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well, 49% done, got 2 months to get the reamining 2 minutes and 20 seconds finished...gonna be tough.

So progress has been pretty ok despite some hard as shit bits to animate. The toons length should be 4:22, I currently have 1:37 completed. Thats 2min 45 seconds left to animate before May 7th. I'm not exactly ahead, but I'm not behind either. Gotta get to the 2 minute mark by Monday the 29th in order to stay on schedule. If all goes well I'll have a trailer up next Tuesday to show off some of what I have.

Well, 2 minutes and 45 seconds to go.



So 2 years ago I had about half a toon finished for Pico day and...cancelled it. Something felt off and I was smart enough to recognize this and didnt push any further. It wasn't until I went back to school and had a kickass teacher set me right on a lot of shit that I found out why this toon didnt work.

Lack fo conflict, lack of antagonism, lack of protagonist really. So here is the first 84 seconds of the original toon(no sound) and I've added several annotations in this youtube video to explain what doesnt work with this toon. You'll have to hit pause to read everything, sorry. I know I could have set things to pause so you all could read the annotations, but its easier to leave you, the audience, in control of stopping and starting the video.


Its been an interesting trip down memory lane and seeing my old shit again, but I think I like what I have now a hell of a lot more than this old stuff. Enjoy the video.




49 seconds minus 4 minutes and 22 seconds

2016-02-04 23:42:24 by johnathan-wrathborne

Might actually make it in time for Pico day this year after all. Hated condensing Peter Sateras amazing music I'm using for the toon, but time isnt on my side. Even with almost 3 months remaining theres still a shitload left to animate this 2XXX toon.

But its quite comforting to know that I only have 3 minutes and 33 seconds of this to animate. In case you're wondering what to expect, heres 5 seconds of what I'm working on.

Well, been 6 years since I participated in Pico Day...Lets see if I can make it happen.



I hate being sick, it's slowing me down a lot. With only 4 months and a week to go its gonna be a tight finish *_*



Red Head

2016-01-09 18:38:40 by johnathan-wrathborne

So my next comic is Red Head. Been working on this comics story on and off for almost 10 years now and it's unfortunately takenf orever and a day to get going because I can't panel outside of the 4 panel comic format. Dunno why, but every attempt I've made in the past has collapsed because it didnt feel right and drove me crazy.

So its gonna have to be formatted like this. The art style is different than Joy, though it is a little toonier due to the body proportions as well as the look of the world, but dont let that fool you as this is in no way a soft series. In fact its going to be very graphic and violent.

I'm not sure when I'll have something to show justyet, so here is a misc page that least shows a little bit of how things look.



The End. See you in 2016

2015-12-13 20:19:34 by johnathan-wrathborne

Well, Joys main story is over. I'm still working on re-drawing the classic comics and there will be a few new ones in the mix but I've finished the series outside of the classics and getting back to Halloween Candy. Once I get a good chunk of Halloween Candy and the classics finishes I'll get to my next project.

Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, and Happy hannukah!

See you in 2016.

BTW: Trying to get a new art style going is a pain in the ass.


Last week of Joy

2015-12-05 16:47:49 by johnathan-wrathborne

I"ll be posting the last of the comics this week. There should be about 5 left(still adjusting the last comics) so I'll be posting them sporatically all week. Feels surreal to be at the end of this journey and while I wish I could continue it a little longer(least the main story) I got other projects that I've been wanting to bring to life.

Especially the ultraviolent one that isnt politically correct. I think we need less political correctness now, more than ever in entertainment so I'm gonna do my part.

Which is the 3rd anniversery of the webcomic. However even though its ending, its not finished.

You see I still have comics to make for it, Halloween Candy needs to be finished/restated. When I say restarted I mean I'll be starting over on it. Why? Because I'm a perfectionist and arent happy with what I have, but I found a middle ground to make things work out. I'm also going to be expanding the story a little more so that its a little longer.

I'm also re-drawing the old comics with the new art style, there were 138 comics initially, I have 33 of them finished right now. This will also include new comics I'm doing for The Sunday comics so by the time I finish everything up there will probably be between 240-250 or so Joy comics in total. 

I'd say that there might be about 8 or so comics left before I finish things up on the 13th

2016 will still have plenty of Joy.

Running test #2

2015-10-05 03:29:26 by johnathan-wrathborne