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Running test

2015-08-25 19:23:10 by johnathan-wrathborne

Been years since I did something like this, sure is a lot of work.



Ending the Joy comic on Dec 13th.

2015-08-03 04:31:51 by johnathan-wrathborne

Which will be the 3rd anniversery of the comic. While this wont be the actual end of the comic, it will be at a stopping point that I can return to at a later date.I was initially planning on stopping this month as I said about a year prior, but I'll fiish off this last major story arc before I stop.I'll still have over 100 classic Joy comics to re-do with the new art style that I'll continue to make and uploade to newgrounds.

But after almost 3 years of working on Joy its time to work on something else, I've got other worlds to explore and characters to share. Still fumbling around with that Halloween Candy comic which is taking incredibly long to finish because I cant panel Manga style no matter what I try.

Might have just found a middle ground though, but what I had before just wasnt working for me and wasn't taking advantage of the comic medium at all really. Been a busy summer so far, trying to catch up.

I'm sure most others here on NG in their mid 30s cant remember or at least vaugly remember growing up when gay marriage didn't exist in any of our countries 50 states. I knew it would happen sometime in my lifetime and had the privilege of knowing several amazing people who are LGBT and am grateful to have known them as it enriched my own life.

From just playing video games at a friends place to singing "no one like Gaston" from Beauty and the Beast in a hot tub with them after discussing old disney movies while having a laugh they've been some of the msot interesting folks I've enjoyed hanging out with or even just talking too.

More than happy to see them and so many others get to marry the ones they love and that this nonsense is no longer a supreme court issue.

Apparently you cant make fun of Tumblr on newgrounds

2015-06-22 18:28:28 by johnathan-wrathborne

Got my first angry comment on the webcomic for making fun of tumblr.

I would have thought that the special snowflake crowd would be smart enough to stay away from newgrounds what with the dangers of the Clock crew lurking around here. Fortunately I dont give too much of a fuck and am still laughing at this shaming nonsense.

Joy Vine#3 is up!


Also Joy is part of the "Sunday Comics" a kickstarter anthology book. I'm 1 of 150 artists for this project, if you're itnerested take a look!


Joy Vines..

2015-05-25 04:16:26 by johnathan-wrathborne



Gonna be making some of these for fun while I fumble around with larger projects, They only take a little over two days to make(when I dont have stuff I'm swamped with) and the format is fun.




Will be eventually uploading these...

2015-05-18 03:58:34 by johnathan-wrathborne

Back in late 2012 I started making Joy as a Webcomic,the art was crude, I was still figuring out the characters and the story arcs were shorter, lighter, and more in tune with Joys mischevious behavior. There were bits of drama (nothing like the past few months of the series) and things were more random. I didnt have too many jokes figured out(minus the trash can and Joys Vlogs) and even less of the world Ed, Cassandra, Denise weren't part of the world and even Singh twins were new creations(I havent used them on NG ...yet).

I've always wanted to get this comic printed and be able to sell it, but the old art is just too iffy for me to look at(extra thick draw lines, empty backgrounds, generic art style). Not to mention the comics dimensions were smaller and it wasn't until this last August that I started playing with German expressionism with the backgrounds of the comic(Theres a reason some backgrounds look strange).

So this is the original comic I made back in late 2012, with the new art style. I'll be tossing some of these after I finish the current story arc.


Hap-Hazard, 5 episodes of spoofery...

2015-04-10 19:54:48 by johnathan-wrathborne

So I'm doing a series of toons for Niche Gamer based on Resident Evil(REmake specifically) and the first toon should hopefully be finished by saturday. Unlike the Bio-Hazardous series I did years ago I'm sticking to 1 characters(Jill) adventures through the mansion.  The look will be familair even though the backgrounds are something new.

I drew the backgrounds in flash, imported them to Gimp and made a few adjustments. I'm enjoying the effect personally.



















I'd also like to point out that this September is the end of the Joy To The World webcomic, I said last September that I'd do 1 year of it for NG and thats now 5 months away. There is a lot more I want to do with the series, but I'm getting really antsy right now.

When I was 26 I had an amazing idea for a comic series, it was my first original idea and one that I've been adjusting and tweaking for a long time, a REALLY long time. 8 years in fact. Thats a long incubation process.

Well, I'm hitting 35 this year and I've regretted never getting this story off the ground. I've tried several times to animate it, but didnt have enough experience. I've tried to make it a comic several times, but never had the right begining.

So even through chunks of it are still rough around the edges I'm tired to sitting on this project and want to get some of it out there. Joy was my first webcomic and I've actually done it for several years now but its time to move on and do something more. I wont be finished with the series entirely, I doubt I'll get to use up all my stories, but for now I need to push myself.

I dont want to be 36 when I finally get this comic out. I already have enough regrets in life as it is, this is one I can actually do something about.

So, 1 of 5 episodes of a new parody series and a new comic are slowly getting started(still trying to finish up the Halloween candy comic before I get started on any new ones) so yeah, theres my first jouinral of 2015.

RIP Monty Oum...

2015-02-02 15:34:24 by johnathan-wrathborne

Devestated to learn that he passed away the other day. Dude was one hell of an animator and one of my inspiations.

RIP Monty, hopes and prayers to your family.

Je suis Charles

2015-01-08 01:56:55 by johnathan-wrathborne

Rip Stephane "Charb" Charbonnier. You were an incredibley brave man. :(


Working on how I'm going to update this on newgrounds. Unlike the weekly webcomic, which is 1 image a week, this sucker will be a scene by scene update. So each scene will be a chapter, though it could be as short as 5 pages, so I dunno. Dont want to spam the Art section too much.

But As I dont have to animate everything bit by bit I can make things more surreal and artistic and dont have to worry about as many details. So here is a page from scene 1 to show what I'm doing thats different from the toon.