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Its still a bit brief and abrupt but keep in mind I had to trim out about 2 minutes or so of stuff to get this all finished. Hopefulyl by about mid January I'll have it all animated as well as reanimate what I'm not happy with and just have one big 8 or so minute toon.

Well, 90 days of animating interrupted by real life(which included helping a relative repair termite damage to the outer wall of their house...FUCK termites) but here is the mostly finished project.

The latest webcomic is up as well, Enjoy.

I'm struggling to get the last 35 seconds up to code.

Between school, helping repair termite damage at a relatives house, and some other shit things still aren't finished.

I'm at about the end of the project and I have re-animated some of it because I wasn't happy with what I had. When I finish EP2 off I get started on the Hallowen Candy comic(which will be in full color), which uses the original script instead of the revised one.

Sometime around mid december I will also be uploading "Halloween...Candy: King size" which will have the stuff I had to trim out due to time constraints animated in. Theres at least another 3 minutes of stufff I had to trim out that I dont want to give up.

But I'll have Ep2 finished this week, hopfully in less than 2 days.

Ok the last scene I wasn't able to get completed and uploaded a few days ago is working properly now. Not sure what the issue is but its resolved and the last scene that should have been up last friday is present now. you might want to watch the toon again because this scene is kind of important to the story.

I wont be including it on the second epiosode, and I dont want anyone to watch ep2 and not feel like something is missing, so yeah give it a watch again. Even if you just skip to the last minute of the toon.

Halloween...Candy Ep1

2014-11-02 16:04:48 by johnathan-wrathborne

EDIT: For some reason the old version of the toon is still up, will have to leave a sacrifice on the alter of the holy NG server when I have time.

Ok, when I updated the video file the other night for some reason the audio dissappeared, I'm sorry for the inconvinience everyone. I updated the file and the audio seems to be working again. The updated clip also has the scene I was unable to finish onf riday so the toon is now 3:15 instead of 2:34.

Apologies for the fuck up the other night!

So here is a scene from the toon, slightly incomplete(needs a bit of audio added).


Unfortunately due to real life intruding, I've had to trim this toon down. I'm not sure how long it will be, maybe a bit over 5 minutes, but I'm not going to ignore what I had to cut out because I really liked what I had.


So I'm going to have an extended edition of this out maybe in early December with all the stuff I had to trim and reanimating stuff I wasn't too happy with. Dont worry I wont go all Goerge Lucas over this.


So either way, I'm gonna get this up on Halloween night.



Well, shit.

2014-10-05 19:13:31 by johnathan-wrathborne

I am gonna have to have Halloween Candy be 1 big episode...and I have to condense things a bit further.

Theres legit stuff that requires my time to be spent elsewhere and all, but the idea of splitting this into 3 eps was to simplify it. But I'm running out of time and...I gotta push for Oct 30 after all. I could still get ep1 on time, but Ep2 wont be on time and That would leak into Ep3s production time.

So its just gonna be a 10 minute or so episode on Oct 30 then. I tried, but I dont have the right amount of time to make this 3 episodes. I knew school would make things a bit more hectic and all, but that combined with real life = less production time :/



Still not sure how to feel about this, but it could have been nice if the person who posted the comic on Imgur posted the newgrounds link I mentioned to them. Not just for the pennies I get, but this is partially why I'm doing Joy on NG now, trying to help increase its traffic some.

Still it was posted on Imgur about 2 and  half days ago, has snagged almost 600,000 views, has gained 10,600 upvotes and the user who posted the comicfury link has earned me about 50,000 views over there.

While this is all quite humbling, I feel kind of bad because I do very much want ot help NG out and try to get some more traffic over here. I'm not gonna lie, I dream about being able to make some good ad revenue for my work online and maybe being able to get a career out of it...But I honestly doubt that will happen. Too much time has passed and ad revenue online isnt what it used to be, so all I can do is try to help NG out as NG has helped me out as well.

Guess I'm gonna have to start posting a URL on future comics, which I've never been a fan of, but its a new habit I'll be practicing.

Well, I currently have 2 of 12 pages finished. Thats the first 2 scenes and part of scene 3.

After noticing how large the file size is getting just on animation alone(along with about 500k of audio) I've made the choice to do 3 shorter toons, instead of 1 large one.

This was looking to be about a 10 minue toon, but I'm estimating that it will most likelly be a 12 or so minute toon. So 3 four minute or so episodes, is a lot easier to manage. I dont have to change anything in the script as it splits up to tell the story pretty well on its own. Doing an opening for the other 2 episodes shouldnt be too hard, I mean this is partially a parody of the original Halloween film so theres always something to poke fun at or reference.

I really wanted to just have this as one toon, but I've been getting more paranoid the larger the projects file size is as well as getting flash backs to 2010 when I was frantically fighting to get Tankmen: Dual finished...Only to discover huge problems popping up because I wasn't using flash properly and when the time came to upload the final project, all kinds of shit happened.

In the end I had to split it into 2 toons, the quality suffered, I had stayed awake for about 36 hrs(with a 3hr nap tiding me over) and this isn't something I want to repeat.

I dont like the idea of splitting this into 3 eps, because it kind of feels like I'm milking the toon...but at the same time it'll make life a little easier on me as I continue on.

tenatively eahc ep is scheduled for Oct 10th,20th, and 30th.

Ep 1 is half finished right now. Here are a few stills from it for anyone curious, fucked upa th ealightnment on the bottom 2 images. Sorry about that.




Halloween...Candy Banner/Ad/whatever

2014-09-02 03:58:13 by johnathan-wrathborne

EDIT: Reached the $50 goal in a day. Wow. $55.75 donated total. thast $19.25 left on the stretch goal! Thanks everyone who donated! I really appreciate it!

DOUBLE EDIT: Hit the stretch goal, so this is all in the cards now! I'll keep you all updated with it, and thanks for the donations!

Ok gents and gentles, this is a BIG project and I could use a few donations to make it happen. I don't normally even consider crowdfunding, as I don't think my work has much value, but this project is special. If you wanna donate $1, donate $1. If you wanna donate $3.50, donate $3.50. Anything is appreciated!



2014-08-30 06:43:38 by johnathan-wrathborne

Ok...well, this is a big project. Bigger than I planned but its something special. So I've got a Joy toon prepped for Halloween here on NG(12 seconds fo animation currently finished too), its a big toon.

I'm using some of the tricks of thr trade I went back to school for on this project, and...well its made things bigger. The script looks to be about 13 pages, still adusting the climax, but thats 3 pages longer than any script I've ever animated for NG, Including Tankmen:Dual, which was 10 pages. Regardless this looks like its gonna be about a 10 minute toon.

I've got about 60 days to pull this off, normally I'd do what I always do, push ahead and do my damndest. But I'm not in the position to do that this year financially. So I'm going to do something I don't want to do, but its not a question of want, but need.

Gonna do a bit of crowdfunding. I'm looking at about $50 to finish this toon, I cant think of any stretch goals other than maybe for an additional $25 I'd do a comic of the toon as well. Full color, not the usual black and white 4 panels I normally do with the comic.

I know $50 is asking a lot for a toon, especially when theres so much content on NG thats free, but as before I'm not in a position financially to do as I please, not to mention getting old sucks and I cant spend as many hours at my computer as I used too in the past  without facing some kind of painful rammifications that can take days to heal(I've had tendinitis injuries among other similar repetative motion injuries).

I'll hopefully have some kind of Patreon or whatever thing set up this coming week when I have some more progress on the toon. I'm new to crowd funding really and am just hoping to get a little support here.

60 days until Halloween :/ Wish I had 67.

Here's Joys design for the toon.