This just seems a little suspicious...

2014-07-18 23:27:43 by johnathan-wrathborne


Not entirely sure how to feel about this, came across it and...I feel kind of sick inside now. I know we live in a day and age where just about everything has been done already and stuff...but the similarity to Romanticide is quite noticable, even if the supernatural girl isn't death.

I might have to read this, and not for fun.

Blood pressure is on the high right now and I'm gonna have to aim that anger somewhere. Might be time to do a short comic or two for NG to burn this off.

Lifes backing off a little bit, but I'm still pretty deep in the same shit I was 5 months ago so don't expcet any animations.



"Go fuck yourself!"



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2014-07-18 23:51:15

(randomly watched your videos for nostalgia and see you posted something :O)Hey man, it's all good by us. Just take care of yourself! Animate when/if ever you can, because a talent like yours is a terrible thing to waste. I've watched your films for years now, but that give me or anyone no right to demand more out of you. Your life comes first, right? I hear that the new series is gonna be interesting, and I'm looking forward to it. If you do pick it up, tell us what you think!


2014-07-19 00:47:02

Maybe you inspired it, who knows?

Anger doesn't lead to anything as beautiful as you've been known to make.

johnathan-wrathborne responds:

Anger is what leads me to make anything, actually.


2014-07-19 04:01:47

It really seems familiar man but you're ceation still the best.There is 50/50 chance it was copied or he just thought of it either way you shouldn't let it get to you, you're a great animator and Romanticide is one of animations that got people on their knees begging to watch more of the episodes.

I just wanted to tell you don't give up and life sucks people know it just don't give up it's going to get better I promise so I hope to see you animate soon good luck.


2014-07-19 04:27:59

It does seem a bit suspect, but they say all art is derivative. One thing's for certain, the public is a fickle thing, and so is the video industry, more now than ever before. There's gotta be some connections that you can find, to get paid for your work.

johnathan-wrathborne responds:

Its similar and disimilar, which is always where things get confusing,awkward, and frustrating. The first few images of the comic posted do kind of feel like it came from Romanticide, even though the character here is a witch that gives the main character magical mushrooms that allow her to relive the same day over again in order for her to get the best outcome.

Can't say the similarities in what I've seen already make me happy, but its still appearing that its got its own thing going on. I'll have to just keep an eye on things.


2014-07-19 05:02:15

Yeah, I understand that lots of people will have the same ideas around the same time - happens in science too, but, that first 'stare' looks way too familiar. If you did inspire it, they should have at least listed you in the credits, but then I am always a bit wary of big names (which is what they are now). I liked their first game, but not enough to buy it or see the movie, and I think this is similar enough to your work that I won't even be looking at the second one. That said, they must have been working on the comic for a while before its release. It might pay to get a look a a 'behind the scenes' if there is one. That said, I am with Aechello, your work completely outclasses that.


2014-07-19 11:43:41

That must be frustrating. Hopefully that does not turn out to be derivative of your work. On the positive side, I look forward to seeing more short comics from you. Best of luck with everything.


2014-07-19 15:38:58

Eh, I'd leave well enough alone. I never read or watched any Scott Pilgrim stuff before, but I have seen some great stuff from a Mr. Wrathborne, it just needed to be tidied up and presented in a commercial fashion.

Who cares about those who have exploited themselves successfully? Unless you can get them to help you, wish 'em well, and get on with yo bad self :|


2014-07-19 23:33:42

If their going to tackle the series again I hope to almighty god that this doesn't pull a dmc:Devil May Cry and rehash the entire series again and pretend the original never happened and play it off like this is something new and unique, like its never been seen by the world before its time.

If this can be a series that bases itself on the original but spreads its wings and takes off on its own right and not ride the winds of its predecessor. If this can happen then I'll be willing to scrounge up some money and buy, buy, buy.


2014-07-19 23:33:48

Well, it's good to know your doing well (kind of) and that you're still going string, just hang in there, you'll get out of this mess eventually.


2014-07-26 03:16:01

Unless there's a lot of stuff from Romanticide that I haven't seen, I wouldn't say the two look to be much alike. I mean, story-wise, the 'ghost-like person develops a relationship with a human after intense bouts of staring' thing has been around since, like, The Sixth Sense. And from what I'm seeing on that page, composition and shot choice are as different as you can get while still maintaining basic camera and editing rules.

They've got similar ideas at first glance, but it's a pretty big leap to get from coincidence to theft.