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2014-08-20 04:13:40 by johnathan-wrathborne

So for a year and 3 months I had a webcomic called "Joy to the World" which I briefly animated on Youtube, most of which is gone as I removed my old channels when my life lost its stability among other shit, I stopped. Had too, I lost my job (Still miss working at Stanford) and had to make some changes as well as figure out what the fuck was next in life. Havent quite figured that out yet, but I'm fixing whats wrong with my screenwriting and picked up lots of new tricks(as taught by a professional screenwriter turned teacher, shout out to Barak Goldman) so I can make my ideas more professional.

I've had requests in the past to bring Joy here, but shes always been a kind of niche character. The world she lives in isn't as wild as Tankmen or Bitey, and I know these are the standards and hallmarks of newgrounds. While sparks of this exist in Joys world, they aren't the focus of the series. Its an angry little girl who is constantly waging a war with maturity, society,  and boredom.

So, as Newgrounds needs some extra traffic here and there I'm now doing the webcomic here, I know webcomics arent really what the art portal is used for... but they are now. I usually post my stuff at /r/webcomics at reddit, and when I did on my site I usually got a good 50+ views here and there(and sometimes hundreds. Got over a thousand a few times once or twice).

After I finish up this currently little story arc(it'll be 4 comics, and a Joy Vlog, which is how I always end my little story arcs) I'll post 1 comic a week for a year. 56 or so comics in't a whole lot, but I dont need to keep spamming the art portal with my silly comic that I spent maybe...4-5 hours drawing out, when some people spend 4-5 days on a masterpeice that I could never replicate, even if I spent 4-5 weeks.

I wont post the older webcomics, I've re-designed the characters(and am still working on re-designing them all) and am enjoying what I have now a bit more than what I did with the first 138 comics.

Eventually I'll animate an episode or two here for newgrounds as well.

But thats farther down the road. I dont have much, if any, stability in my life right now and am setting up a Patreon account now. Still kind of feels like e-begging, I'm not exactly someone who sees my work as worthy of support, but I never have,

Might try to get something for Halloween this year, I dunno.



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2014-08-20 05:20:25

Hmm, he's only got cred for teleplays, not (movie) screenwriting. I took a one day, rough shod screenwriting course in the city (NYC) just before 9/11 well worth the dough to know the 7 main plot points to write around...

Sounds like a great plan, though I might suggest a Paypal as well; myself and others still aren't keen on how Patreon operates (no single contribution mechanism).

johnathan-wrathborne responds:

Is Patreon unreliable? O.o


2014-08-20 19:40:38

I've never used it myself, but the concept of monthly payments (tapping personal financial info/access every month) has me a bit... pensive. A one shot donation option would really help Patreon take off.

As far as Paypal donations, I've got no problem with that; they've been around quite a while and have proven security measures.