Might not make it to Pico day on time...

2016-03-21 02:44:23 by johnathan-wrathborne

Well, things on 2XXX A.A arent progressing that well at the moment.

I'm at 2:03  currently(I should be at about 2:20 by now honestly) but real life, artist block and other shit are hitting me and draining my focus and energy. I'm not sure this will be ready for Pico day 2016, something I desperatley want to make happen.

But I've got about...2 minutes and 6 seconds left to animate in just 48 days. Thats cutting it pretty fucking close to be honest and I have no idea how fast I can get shit done between now and then. I'm at a bit of a turning point now yes, but I'm not certain things will happen on schedule.

Its driving me insane due to the amount of work I've put into this beast but I'm giving a heads up that it might not come out until the end of May as opposse dto the beginning of it.

I'm moderatley confident that this is a type of toon that you dont normally see on newgrounds, partially due to how fucking much work it is to get this going as well as my current schedule so I dont know.

Basically if before the months end I can get to about 2:25 or so, then I think I might be able to make it to Pico day.

Who would think animating something like this would be a bitch and a half? I included the original design that I was using in 2013 when I undertook this project initially in contrast to what it looks like now in the 2016 version.


I still kept the semi minotaurish look I was going for and gave it a less Roman look and went for something more morbid(skull face plate is easier to animate too).

Heres hoping I can get 22 seconds finished in 10 days and that I can work my magic. @_@


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2016-03-21 11:08:46

dude, you have +1 more month.


2016-03-21 18:23:07

That would be a shame, but understandable, and nothing to be ashamed of.

Have you thought of trying to find someone to help?


2016-03-21 19:45:22

Were not pushy do what you can, as long as it was by you we're happy


2016-03-22 14:19:27

Even if you don't hit your deadline just continue till you are satisfied with your work. It will feel better (and less stressfull) that way when you look at the completed work. We will still watch it no matter the date.


2016-03-22 19:16:27

If nothing else, at least Pico Day got pushed forward to early May this year. While the animation might not be ready for the event, will you? It would mean a lot to the people attending if you showed up.

I would suggest some anime shortcuts, like holding on a characters face or panning around, but you've got a tenacity that seems to rival Rockwell or Suess. Best of luck for an early completion, though I'd prefer if you ran your own race, and submitted it just as you imagined/wrote/storyboarded it.

johnathan-wrathborne responds:

Wish I could, but my finances are shit this year and I'm gonna try to get this crazy toon on time. Kind of feel like its my mission to get this out there.

Actually, I don't use storyboards. I've never story-boarded more than a few small segments of any of my projects.

If everything works, it means I did it properly, if things feel a little off and don't flow, that means I didn't.


2016-04-02 16:35:46

It is a shame to hear that but still we have faith in you and have hope that it will be just as good as the trailer.