Happy Pico day, 2XXX's trailer is up!

2016-05-07 04:27:26 by johnathan-wrathborne

Well, I'm still at about 75-77 seconds of animation left to complete, as well as some clean up and extra effects to add but as I wanted to have something up for people to enjoy on Picoday 2016, so here is part of the toon I haven't been able to finish on time. Been working on this for 8 months or so and it'll take a little longer to finish this beast up.

Hope you enjoy what little I have to share, thats what its made for. 

Also, I know a post-Tankmen world is probably not an interesting idea for a lot of people, but bear with me, I got a lot of shit planned that will work out. S'why part of why I went back to school to improve my storytelling skills.

Happy Pico day peeps.


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