Change in plans, will be closing up shop here soonish

2016-06-03 03:04:56 by johnathan-wrathborne

I've given a lot of thought recently about my future here on newgrounds, where I've been making my silly shit for so long. Its been a comfortable home for my ideas for so long and I had hoped it would be home to all my ideas. But witnessing some questionable shit happen in the chat room recently and after discussing things with several other members since this happened, I've realized how much newgrounds has changed exactly and I've also realized that I no longer have a place in it.

My work is niche and it always will be. Whether its about a guy who meets Death, a woman wandering the desert of a post apocalyptic world on a quest for revenge, or an angry little girl growing up in a world her own way at the very least I've had a few fun ideas that people have enjoyed and I've enjoyed making them for everyone on this site and on the internet in general.

I lost that feeling today. I know the folks who work and moderate here have a lot to deal with and a lot of shit, I respect that. But I'm from the "everyone has to follow the rules" crowd, that even means friends of the people who enforce the rules. When that isnt done, I get very upset and feel even more upset when I know some of the people who were banned and have since left the site had been supporters as well I feel sick.

Thats when I realized that this isnt the place for me or my work anymore. I had considered making a statement with several other people who see what happened as wrong but the more I think about it the more I realize that no matter who I am or what I do, my voice doesn't travel very far and I'm too old to let my ego think it does.

The last thing I post here will be the finished 2XXX toon. When that day comes, thats as far as I go and thats my final gift to newgrounds. Dont know where I'll be posting my stuff from now on, but I"m sure you'll all be able to find it when its there.

Newgrounds was around long before I starte dmaking content and I'm sure it will be around long after I stop making content for it, whatever newgrounds turns into after I leave is up to you guys the audience, the artists, the musicians, and the animators.



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2016-06-03 04:00:35

Alright. I'll miss you, even though we only talked for a little bit.


2016-06-03 04:06:11

As a filthy casual, I might be a bit out of the loop when it comes to NG drama (read: I have no idea what's going on). But, as a viewer of some of your work, it was very enjoyable and a good way to spend a few minutes dicking about. Joy to the World was a solid comic and a fun read, so I hope you find somewhere to post you stuff. NG will be losing a serious talent with you leaving.

Anyways, please give us an update on where to find your stuff once you exit. I await to see your work once again.


2016-06-03 04:06:42

Man, this is really sad, actually. I really enjoyed talking with you on the chat room today, and it is a shame that you are leaving. Your voice does travel farther than the ones of those that you talked with, and I really do hope you will reconsider. But if not, I wish you farewell, and I wish you luck in the next phase in your life.

元気で. おやすみなさい, 優しい 王子。


2016-06-03 04:27:53

You too? Damn, I was reading your "Joy to the World" and watching your trailers. No lie, the ban rules are a bit strange to me. "you get banned for talking about Bans." Sure the Chat is a podium for everyone to speak but yet this same podium has the right to allow access to certain people and yet not others. I seen some people breaking the rules but they don't get banned. Sigh. Its all confusing to me. Sorry for the long message. Good luck and Farewell.


2016-06-03 04:45:15

Goddammit not you too!

You were a great guy to talk to on chat and forums and I hope you find another place to post your fantastic work.


2016-06-03 10:19:30

I'd take anything said in the forums/chat very lightly, though you're likely right... I've said some potentially hurtful things, and no one's corrected me or banned me yet. Ever watch Cool Hand Luke, Rebel Without A Cause? There are always going to be people who push until something different happens, and they won't care about the fallout because their real name isn't attached to it, it's not real life to them.

As always, I support you and whatever decisions you make. In the past few months, a few new people have been given authority to moderate things here, and it's likely they're taking things a bit too seriously, following the rules of conduct too closely... might even be worth it to ask @wadefulp about it.

I guess I can see how talking about individual bans can be disruptive, can undermine the authority of the mods... but the public should know definitively what can get you banned. Maybe Bren should throw a link into the Chat pre-amble that pops up!


2016-06-03 13:58:51

Goddammit, I may not be knee deep into Newgrounds, especially since I worry for the site's longevity sometimes, but you're one of the main reasons I keep coming back to this place. I have no clue where you're gonna go from here, but I'll make sure to follow you wherever you end up.


2016-06-03 15:24:40

Sorry to see you go, but you seem to be of firm enough conviction that my following words will likely not change your opinion, but I will try anyway: From what I've seen of your work/content, I think Newgrounds is one of, if not the most beneficial place for you to be as an artist, maybe not spiritually as far as what you liked about it as a community, but as a platform on which to produce. I think you are really cutting your nose to spite your face, and making a mistake as far as having a focused-audience for your work. You will not do as well on Youtube or Vimeo or blog sites etc, but if you truly feel like your reasons are more important than your success- I wish you the best of luck finding a new home for your content.

However- only now catching up with the 'drama' that's been going on I feel like I misunderstood a good deal of the community's enthusiasm for the site in general. It appears that those taking part of this mini-exodus are exclusively those who come here to be rebellious, to go against social-political-correctness, and to a degree, I understand that. But what I do not understand is how that takes a higher priority than making quality, imaginative, consistent content, on the only site that actually CARES about you and your work. You aren't going to find that in the corporate creative world.

I think you make good work, so I feel a little saddened that this view on changing times is the bite to the hand that feeds. Newgrounds will always be here if you change your mind, but if you don't, I wish you the best of luck. /salutes.


2016-06-03 16:52:23

Bro don't leave.
You're like one of my buddies on Newgrounds man. :c


2016-06-03 17:38:17

Sorry to hear that you've had some very negative experiences, and I'm sorry to see you go... best of luck in whatever you do once you finish 2XXX, which I'm very much looking forward to!


2016-06-03 21:19:39




2016-06-03 23:55:28

Hey Jon, I love your stuff, I have absolutely zero notion or idea of what's going on (though I know the site's changed but in different ways from perhaps what you've perceived). Do you think you can shoot me a PM and explain the situation to me? Anyway we'll miss you here but there's always YT or DA or some other medium, ya?


2016-06-03 23:59:56

@ChadVA He doesn't feel like he fits in anymore. He seems to miss the way NG used to be, and supports the Neorevolution.


2016-06-04 00:29:21

It is sad to see you go, and I promised you a tribute picture of Dea from your Romanticide animations in my style, so I will post that tonight. Thanks for being a part of the community! We will miss you!!


2016-06-04 12:28:46

Damn. You are a really cool guy, and I hate to see you leave like this. Good luck with anything you decide to do.

@CGA-999 he and others may be gone, but the revolution carries their spirit.


2016-06-04 21:44:42

Your content has always been witty, funny, or some combination of the two so the fact your drive has shifted to go other places is a sad news indeed. I hope you give your fanbase here some method of following your exploits wherever you may go. (on top of that facebook page you have linked).

I suppose tumblr might be alright if you don't mind being an edgy firework in a sea of fireworks and content though even those people end up hosting their animations on other sites and blogs, eventually setting up their own website if they become popular or financially stable enough to do so


2016-06-05 14:12:38

I'm going to miss all of the Joy of the World comics. I have read everyone you have posted here on newgrounds, and watched every movie you posted as well. I don't really care if your leaving newgrounds, but at least continue making your work. I would to enjoy all of the work that comes from you once again, and I feel a very powerful feeling when I see joy of the world comics - Almost like it came from my child hood at some point. I've been reading it so long now, and I really don't want to stop reading it. So please in the end when your done with newgrounds will you please inform us of where you will be continuing your best work at. Thank you - Slagpin Stryker


2016-06-06 23:02:32

It was a fun ride man, been around since the Sarge MV, and the mini comics, but sad to see you go man. Hope you find what you're looking for in the future. Good luck on the Path.


2016-06-07 09:37:24

Man, at least give us your deviantart or something 2 follow?


2016-06-07 21:13:22

Alright man i'll look forward to seeing more of your content be it on newgrounds or any other outlet


2016-06-09 11:51:12

Well okay, I guess those butthurt few who left really made the case for you.

Chat is different, in where the subject matter shouldn't be dominated by a particular person... if one person keeps pressing about shit no one else wants to talk about, the mods feel that's a justifiable reason to kick someone out temporarily. If people are engaged, it works... the BBS is multithreaded (has room for dissenting views), not so with chat, unless it's done privately from one person to another (neat feature)

Eh, love is an illusion, isn't it? So is this 2 dimensional landscape. Keep looking up and to the horizon bro, all my best.


2016-06-09 19:38:46

Well it's been a pretty good journey. Like I said before, if you ever decide to come back we'll welcome you with open arms. I'll start following you on where ever you decide to post your content after 2XXX. It's a shame to see so many great artists and animators go, but all good things must come to an end I suppose. Good luck on whatever you're gonna do next.


2016-06-25 00:56:37

well it was fun while it lasted my friend, I as well as everyone else while wishing you the best will miss you deeply and hopefully we'll find your next creative refuge, till then may the wind be always in your favor and treasure in your sights.


2016-06-26 16:03:58

Hope you give an update when you find another place to put your stuff.


2016-06-29 06:36:56

Can you give us an update on where you will post all of your stuff? I miss reading your comics and rewatching your animations.


2016-09-10 18:56:27

ill miss seeing your work here you were on of my favorites in this sight i really hope to find your stuff in the future where ever you decide to post it


2017-02-01 06:11:10

Sorry, but where is your animations? I can't find them anywhere.


2017-04-03 01:44:29