April 1st is it. Last day here.

2017-03-01 20:49:42 by johnathan-wrathborne

Hard to believe its been 9 months since I said I was closing up shop here and shop hasnt closed down yet. Been a rough year, about 3 months after I announced I was leaving that my grandmothers health started on the decline and I had to put 2XXX on hold at 3:10 which is about 60 seconds from completion, and I had to put it on hold and help take care of her.

As time went on and her health worsened I started to lose hope she would get better. In her last year of life she lost 1 kidney to cancer, had several cancerous polyps in her bladder removed, and then a 2 tumors were found on her lower spine and it spread to her liver. She succumbed to cancer on January 10th of this year, 11 months after losing her kidney the previous year. I ended up spending a large chunk of the last 6 months doing caretaking for her and my grandfather and most of my projects progress had been put on hold in order to make dinners, do grocery shopping, cleaning, basically taking care of her as best I could(easier when yer unemployed).

So sadly 2XXX STILL isnt finished. I got 39 seconds of animation left, and then some clean up and editing left but its almost there. So on Saturday, April 1st (April fools day), 2017 this toon is gonna be finished and uploaded on newgrounds finally. After April first I'll be leaving newgrounds(Finally. I know you all tired of hearing me say that) and focusing on my website.

Its kind of fitting to have my final toon here be a Pico day toon when my first toon here was.  This will be my last news post here. Hope you all enjoy the toon when its finally finished. I'm also scumbagging on Patreon these days, I think I'm the cheapest guy on it to support too.



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2017-03-01 21:20:58

Why are you going?

johnathan-wrathborne responds:

werkin on my small website, webcomicing and occasionally animating.


2017-03-03 19:35:20

Sad to see you go, was looking forward to more of your movies.


2017-03-03 19:58:39

Fine leave see if I care... Plenty more autists where you came from...

johnathan-wrathborne responds:

Only as long as vaccinations are a thing ;P


2017-03-03 20:07:15

Here take this with you... I was gonna post it on chat but knights fucked that up...

johnathan-wrathborne responds:



2017-03-20 01:16:08

johnathannnn! Sad to see you go. Please come back from time to time!